Benefits Overview

Professional Status
Members are instantly recognised as reliable, experienced, knowledgeable professionals who conduct their business with integrity.

Members' Logo
All Members may use the appropriate Members' Logo on their stationery, sign boards, vehicles and other advertising materials.

Certificate of Membership
All Members are provided with an individually prepared signed and sealed Certificate of Membership

Promotion Material
An initial supply of promotional material is supplied without charge

Legal Advice
Experienced staff give advice on a wide range of subjects associated with the building industry and commerce in general.

Information Bulletins
The Guild of Builders and Contractors regularly updates the website with Information Bulletins on a wide range of subjects.

Business Referrals
Corporate Members details are available on the website. It is regularly used by potential clients who are looking for builders, contractors, construction consultants, designers, surveyors, specialist contractors, builders merchants and building component suppliers.

The Guild of Builders and Contractors seeks the views of Members on various subjects and represents those collective views to the press and other interested and influential bodies or individuals.

Employment Advice
Advice is available on all aspects of employment law and regulations.

Health and Safety Advice
Advice is available on all aspects of health and safety law and regulations, including the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

Insurance Review
The Guild's retained Insurance Brokers will carry out a complete review of Members' existing insurance arrangements and prepare a report without charge.

Preferential Insurance
The Guild's retained Insurance Brokers will provide Members with discounts and an interest free instalment scheme for premiums together with free independent advice and no obligation quotations.

The Guild of Builders and Contractors website includes relevant news information and articles.

Members' Advice Service
Experienced staff are available to provide advice on:

Building Contract Law
Terms of Trading
Health & Safety
CDM Regulations
Recruitment, Employment & Dismissal
Personal and Corporate Taxation
Debt Recovery
Insurance Cover Requirements
Insurance Claims
County Court & High Court Procedures
Arbitrations and Disputes
Waste Transportation License Regulations
Town & Country Planning
Planning Appeals