Code of Conduct - Trusted Member


1. The code has been drawn up to provide the minimum standards to be maintained by Trusted Members.

2. Trusted Members shall observe the Code in so far as it applies.

3. Trusted Members are required to have signed an undertaking that they have received a copy of this Code of Conduct as a condition of Membership.

4. Changes to the Code will be issued from time to time.

Duties and Requirements

5. All Trusted Members shall observe the following duties and requirements:

I. Comply with the law.

This requirement involves working in accordance with any relevant statutory requirements which may apply to the work undertaken by the Trusted Member.

II. Work in a competent and responsible manner.

Work must be carried out to comply with Relevant Standards. This involves the Trusted Member being confident of his ability to do the work before contracting to carry out the work. The Trusted Members, their employees and sub-contractors shall act in a courteous manner and respect the privacy and property of the Client.

III. Have particular regard to matters of health and safety.

Trusted Members must ensure that work is carried out with due care to avoid causing danger and unreasonable nuisance.

IV. Provide Clients with clear information about services offered.

Clients must be clear about the nature and extent of the services that will be provided. Assurances must be given about the workmanship, materials (which must be fit for purpose) and appearance involved prior to the commencement of any work. This should involve providing the Client with a written Contract.

V. Provide Clients with clear information of the price for the work to be undertaken and the method of payment.

Clients need clear information on the cost involved in carrying out the work or providing a service and whether this represents an estimate or firm quotation. Trusted Members must agree the price for the project, materials or service and how they wish to be paid, e.g. on completion or in stages. This should involve providing the Client with a written estimate or quotation. Full payment should not normally be requested in advance. However, a deposit may be appropriate as well as stage payments.

VI. Provide Clients with a clear timetable for any works and include a completion date.

Clients need to know when work will start, the particular implications of any stages of work and when work will be finished. Trusted Members must provide Clients with appropriate information for each job prior to starting any work. Clients will also need to be kept fully aware of any alterations to timetables and explanations for changes should always be given.

VII. Maintain skills and knowledge.

Trusted Members must keep up to date with changes in building practices appropriate to the services they offer.

VIII. Be responsible for the actions of the Trusted Member's own subcontractors, sub-consultants, advisers and agents.

Trusted Members must accept responsibility for the actions of their subcontractors, sub-consultants, advisers and agents.

IX. Seek to ensure Client satisfaction through the provision of a clear method for handling Client complaints.

Trusted Members must provide a clear method for considering customer complaints and, where appropriate, offering redress. Complaints should be dealt with promptly and within a clearly understood timescale. Trusted Members shall inform Clients of their right to seek redress from the Guild of Builders and Contractors.

X. Provide updated information annually for due diligence purposes.

Trusted Members must provide financial information, insurance cover information and provide three additional customer referees each year.

XI. Uphold the standing of the Guild of Builders and Contractors.

Trusted Members must seek to uphold the standing of the Guild of Builders and Contractors with a view to enhancing its support from Clients and the public generally.