Deposit and Warranty Insurance


Deposit and Warranty Insurance

All Corporate Members have access to inexpensive deposit and warranty insurance for their clients. Deposit insurance gives clients that essential peace of mind in the knowledge that any deposit given to the Member at the commencement of a building project is secure and can be claimed back in the event of the building work not being started.

Prospective clients are much more likely to readily provide a deposit to a Member in the knowledge that it is guaranteed by an insurance policy. More and more home owners are becoming increasing aware that guarantees issued by companies are only valid if the company is still trading when the problem arises. This may be years ahead of completion of the work and after full payment has been made. These same clients are more willing to accept the benefit of a warranty covering the building work after it has been completed if it is backed by an insurance company.

Both the deposit and warranty insurance cover indicates professionalism and much greater credibility of the builder and has been proven to assist in gaining additional contracts.

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