Guild of Builder and Contractors arranges Insurance Backed Home Improvements Guarantees

Guild of Builder and Contractors arranges Insurance Backed Home Improvements Guarantees

The Guild of Builders and Contractors has teamed up with Home Improvements Guarantee Ltd. (who are approved and recommended by Trading Standards) to bring Corporate Members an offer which we believe will help their business's  by giving extra peace of mind to potential customers.

The Guild of Builders and Contractors Corporate Members now has access to an Insurance Backed Guarantee which protects the customer's deposit as well as member's written guarantee. The scheme provides deposit protection for up to 25% of the project cost and the insurance backed guarantee means that if there are any problems during the member's warranty period and they are no longer trading, the customer knows that Home Improvements Guarantee Ltd will find another approved contractor to undertake the work necessary.

While Guild of Builders and Contractors membership helps give potential customers peace of mind, for many consumers there is still uncertainty about handing over large amounts of deposit money to a company they've only recently met. They may also have some trepidation about what happens if something goes wrong, especially if the person they've hired retires, becomes ill or closes their business.  Home Improvements Guarantee Limited helps to alleviate those fears, so that if for any reason " Guaranteed Members" cannot fulfil their contractual obligations, Home Improvements Guarantee Limited can step in to ensure the work gets done.

There is a very small fee for each job covered by the Insurance Backed Guarantee Limited which is payable by the member at the time the building contract is entered into.

Corporate members providing the insurance backed guarantee are entitled to use the Guaranteed Builder logo on their headed paper and all advertising items.

We are sure that it will improve the public's trust in our members as it answers one of the fundamental doubts the public have about the integrity of builders.



The first registered Guaranteed Builder registered today 2nd October 2017 and is Mr Anthony Tooke of Total Building Services, 1 Ashurst Hill, Ashurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9TH. Anthony told us " I think it reassures the customer and will give them confidence and peace of mind and in doing so will help in winning more business"



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