Unannounced site visits from the HSE

The HSE have announced that from the 14th February 2011 they will be commencing a three month campaign of unannounced visits focusing on working at height, asbestos exposure and site order.

They are looking to target refurbishment projects in particular as statistics have shown that this area is lagging behind others in making improvements to reduce the number of accidents.


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  1. David Marsh Says:

    This is a positive approach by the HSE and can only be a good thing for the industry, over the last 3 months we have had 2 visits to my present contract in the Nuneaton area.
    On both occasions there were 2 inspectors who again on both occasions were very satisfied that the safety standard being observed were above recognised standards.
    The local inspectorate are infact to use the site as a showcase for relatively inexperienced inspectors to have the chance to understand how even with difficult sites a good standard can be maintained.
    So watch out, welcome them onto your sites and above all stay safe.

  2. Violeta Says:

    All I have to say is simply take five miuetns and go and have a look at the HSE website then look at the enforcement action over the last few years. What you will see is a catalogue of deaths and serious injuries caused by company after company doing lip service to H&S.Its a sad fact that most people see H&S as an interfering busy body of the state when in fact it was designed to save lives, dramatic as that may sound its the truth, what is sadder still is that some poor soul has to die to make people take notice and even then the company involved just wants to minimise the fine they get. Just take a look at Fire Risk Assessment and you will see the hilarious attempts of self regulation. This is a dangerous idea and will probably result in more people dying as these low risk' places hide the reality of their H&S situation!

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