Referendum on Membership of the European Union

If the Conservative Party is to retain the respect and support of the electorate they must permit a referendum as soon as possible and certainly by the end of March 2012. David Cameron's integrity, policies and leadership are now being questioned by his supporters and the public generally. A huge majority of people voted Conservative because of his undertaking to hold a referendum and they will not forgive him if he continues to renege on that undertaking.

For many reasons it is essential that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. It is clear that the leadership of the EU and our current government have little or no understanding of basic economics or good housekeeping. It is irresponsible to allow expenditure to exceed income. Failure to understand this leads to financial crisis and that is exactly what we have in Europe as well as at home.

The common currency, the Euro, is irrevocably doomed to fail. Supporting the Euro is a waste of taxpayer's hard earned money. Simply putting more money into countries that are hopelessly in debt is not the answer and writing off part or all of the indebtedness is an admission of the failure of the particular country to exercise sound financial management. In short, Greece will never pay its debts and at least four other countries will be in the same position by the middle of 2012.

It would be much more sensible if the Euro were to be dismantled in an orderly manner over the next month or so and admit that a single European currency was never going to work than for it to be propped up until the inevitable happens. The British people supposedly living in a democracy will not accept collapsing living standards for the sake of supporting the Euro and the European Union. There are no benefits only hardship and suffering. The British people voted to join a Common Market and not a political union. It is time for them to be given the opportunity to speak for themselves. From our research we believe that the outcome of a referendum would be a large majority in favour of leaving the European Union and a substantial majority in favour of leaving the European Union but retaining trading links.

David Cameron will not be forgiven if he imposes a "three line whip" on Conservative Members of Parliament forcing them to vote against holding a referendum. Individual Members of Parliament of all parties will not be forgiven if they do not show independence from their leaders and respect for the electorate and vote in favour of a referendum.


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