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Builder Fined £1,600 For Using Guild Logo Falsely

Calum Turpie, a builder based in Aberdeen, was fined £1,600 in the Aberdeen Sheriff Court in July 2018 on two false information charges. Mr Turpie falsely claimed on his website that his company had an address on York Road place in Aberdeen and that it was a member of the Guild of Builders and contractors between November 2016 and February 2017


The Government are Shortsighted on the Effect of 20% VAT on Home Improvements and Repairs

The Government would appear to be behaving irrationally in not reducing the VAT on home improvements, refurbishment and repairs to all domestic properties.The extent of illegal trading in the building industry is increasing every year. The so called "black economy" involves many thousands of individuals and firms being paid in cash and not charging VAT at 20%.


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